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Olympic Hockey game final

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I could not believe my eyes when canada scored the last goal!!! i was so mad!!! US was so close to winning until Sidney Crosby scored for Canada. At first i thought the tv was just making a joke and not telling the truth but thats not possible until I realized everyone in the stadium start singing the national anthem of Canada. that hockey game was amazing but a big failure for the US. maybe next time we’ll win..

vancouver 2010

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Country Gold
1 UNITED STATES 9 15 13 37
2 GERMANY 10 13 7 30
3 CANADA 14 7 5 26
4 NORWAY 9 8 6 23
5 AUSTRIA 4 6 6 16
7 KOREA 6 6 2 14
8 CHINA 5 2 4 11
8 SWEDEN 5 2 4 11
8 FRANCE 2 3 6 11
11 SWITZERLAND 6 0 3 9
12 NETHERLANDS 4 1 3 8
13 POLAND 1 3 2 6
15 ITALY 1 1 3 5
15 JAPAN 0 3 2 5
15 FINLAND 0 1 4 5
18 AUSTRALIA 2 1 0 3
18 BELARUS 1 1 1 3
18 SLOVAKIA 1 1 1 3
18 CROATIA 0 2 1 3
18 SLOVENIA 0 2 1 3
23 LATVIA 0 2 0 2
24 GREAT BRITAIN 1 0 0 1
24 ESTONIA 0 1 0 1
24 KAZAKHSTAN 0 1 0 1


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I was watching the other days some cool movies at home and at the movie theatre, some were really cool while others were really lame…. but I usually like movies a lot,  so I really never give bad comments about some. These movies that I am about to tell you guys are movies that i liked watching and that weren’t so boring. I will also tell you guys the main idea about the movie also for you guys who are interested in the movie to watch it!!! These selected 10 movies are the best but #1 is the best out of all of them…trust me.

10: Legally Blonde

This movie is really funny!!! Although it is pretty mean and hurtful to some blonde people but the

whole concept about the movie is to show even if you are blonde you can do anything. In this story,

well movie it is about a girl who made it into Harvard Law School , which nobody believed she could

make it, but she did and with a lot of courage.


9: I am Legend


I Am Legend Poster - Click to View Extra Large Image


This movie is great for people who like action packed adventures and futuristic stuff happening to the

planet Earth. I t is about some type of disease of some sort that attacks the planet making everyone

evacuate going somewhere else, but one guy stays on the planet to search for survivors and to help.


8: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


 This movie is great for people who like adventure movies

and movies that you can look and admire views from other countries this is the movie for you. This

movie is about Indiana Jones trying to unlock the secrets that the crystal skull is hiding and figure out

why it is so important, while trying to solve a riddle from a lost friend to discover more about the



7: Santa Buddies

Santa Buddies


Santa Buddies is very funny and cute at the same time. A great film to watch with your family if you like

dogs and the Christmas holiday. Also if you like talking dogs with Santa hats this a great movie for

you to watch, also I recommend watching this movie in the season of Christmas to make it more


6: Blood Diamond


This movie is about an African who just lost his family because of a war in Africa because of a fight

between diamonds and other riches of Africa. When this guy finds a diamond he meets with this other

guy who would help him get back together with his family unless he gives the stone to him. So he does.

A reporter who comes to Africa makes a report about cruelty and hard work to get a small bit of

diamond that an average person has from buying it in a jewelry store such as necklaces, rings,

bracelets etc… and how many people die to get it.


%: The Simpsons Movie


This movie is funny . It is about Homer Simpson messing up big time when he completely pollutes the l

are with pig left overs. Soon after words  the Simpsons are run out-of-town and the only hope for

Springfield to exist.



4: Mean Girls


A very funny movie about a new girl who goes to school for the first time with other kids because her

whole life she was home schooled. She soon has to deal with some people who aren’t exactly nice and

that wants to ruin her reputation in school. Although her starting in the school is bad everything

becomes great until the end.


3:  How to Eat Fried Worms


A disgusting yet funny movie at the same time is about a kid who everyone thinks is wimpy and lame.

So he takes on a dare to eat 10 worms , but in different styles. for example one is fried another is a

smoothie and another is spaghetti  and so on… This movie is hilarious. Remember before you watch

this movie don’t eat anything…


2: New Moon


a great movie about wolves and vampires at the same time, although it is better to read Twilight or

watch the movie before you watch this movie for it to make more sense in the end. I defenetely

recommend this movie to Stephanie Meyer fans!!


1: Cadet Kelly

A great film for the whole family and for people who love military school. It is about a girl from New

York who has a fun laid back life.Until her mom marries a military guy who sends Kelly to Military

school. In the end Kelly loves it…and is more disciplined now….Soon in the end she becomes Captain

Cadet Collins who has deal with other maggots like herself.



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My blog now has a lot of views from around the world!!! Many of course know English because they can read the things that i am writing all the time. it’s really fun having your own blog becuase you get to do whatever you want… I recommend for everyone to have their own blog to express their feelings in a technology by having an electronic blog also people should make a website just like it is fun and/ or make a glogster in that is were you can make posters online but you have to make an account


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This Nickelodeon commercial is really weird….especially the song, but it has a good beat to it!!! It gets really annoying when every commercial pops up in Nickelodeon and you have to hear this song for about a minute almost….